Livethesource: The Secret Is Out

There has been a secret brewing in the back offices of livethesource for a few months now. 
livethesource for those of you who don’t know is a nutritional networkmarketing company that came on the scene about a year ago with a single liquid multivitamin and mineral product called dailysource priced at about $50.00. I know what your thinking … another high priced networkmarketing multivitamin who is going to buy that, I thought the same thing. 

Livethesource: Whats the Difference?

I was actually told that there was very little difference between these vitamins and minerals and other high quality liquid vitamins and minerals. The difference was the delivery system of those vitamins and minerals at the cellular level. The vitamins and minerals from Livethesource are nano encapsulated. This nanotechnology gives you an 80 to 90%  absorption rate of the vitamins and minerals at the cellular level.  A typical multivitamin is only absorbed 10 to 20%. This explained why everyone was seeing such phenomenal results with Livethesource.  You’re actually getting almost 5 times as much of the vitamins and minerals into the cell almost instantly. To learn more about Nanotechnology click this link: Nano technology

A Livethesource Convert

I was given a bottle to try for free all I had to do is promise to take it daily as per the instructions on the bottle. I started on the product and started to feel more energy, the pain it my shoulder vanished and I seemed to be sleeping better. I said to myself this is not real, this is just happening because of a placebo effect. Unknown to me my wife had secretly been sneaking into the fridge and taking livethesource also. Then she told me how she was having more energy and sleeping better. Further investigation showed that people all over the country were experiencing the same things and more. Two friends of mine had their doctor actually take them off of their high blood pressure medicine.

Livethesource is a Huge Success

Needless to say, with this kind of results the word about Livethesource spread like wildfire and the company grew like crazy. Livethesource as a company went from zero dollars in revenue to a multimillion dollar company in only four months. if you stop to think about it, that’s insane that people in this economy, the worst economy since the Great Depression were actually spending over $50 a bottle for these multiple vitamins. I personally know people that were buying three bottles or more a month for them and their families, and these people were unemployed. But the product was that good that they made Livethesource a priority.

Livethesource grew too fast

I don’t have the time to finish this article today but will pick it up tomorrow when I will share the new secret that livethesource has been working on for the past several months.
Here is a cool URL where this guy shares his experiance with livethesource. Click this link livethesource

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