Livethesource grew too fast

I left off on my last post with a heading of Livethesource grew too fast.  So that’s where I will pick up from. if you’re interested in the whole story go to the post below this one called Livethesource: the secret is out and that will bring you up to speed pretty quickly.

Livethesource grew too fast

Because of the tremendous word-of-mouth advertising about this phenomenal product. Livethesource grew so quickly that the manufacturing couldn’t keep up with the demand.  At one time, they were several months behind in their orders.

Fortunately, as of the time of this writing, all back ordered product has been delivered. Adjustments were made to the manufacturing process to keep up with this growing phenomenon not to mention that there was a huge influx of cash to grow with from investors, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

investors willing to invest that kind of money into livethesource boosted my confidance in the company, because investors don’t invest millions of dollars in an economy like this unless they have a pretty sure thing

Livethesource introduces a new product

Then on top of all that a few months ago Livethesource introduced a new product called Livethesource D3 booster. This is all natural vitamin D with organic green compounds. This product also has the nanotechnology at its core, so people are seeing phenomenal results from the vitamin D3 booster as well.

Livethesource introduces product number three

Livethesource has let a select group of people in on the top-secret work that they’ve been doing for the past several months and here it is ….. Introducing the symbiotic diet. This diet has over 20 clinical studies.  The symbiotic diet has shown sustained fat loss in clinical studies. It’s the last diet you’ll ever need and we can prove it.

More on the symbiotic diet in my post tomorrow or Monday. until then, check out this video link about Livethesource

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