Livethesource – The Symbiotic Diet : Network Marketing Tips

Today we are going to spend a little time answering some questions about livethesource, The Symbiotic Diet and network marketing.


The secret to why some people get more prospects than they can handle is something YOU also possess inside of you. The only difference between you and the “naturals” is that you haven’t developed that skill yet.


The question for today is, “How do you recruit someone who immediately says ‘No.’? Well, my answer is don’t recruit them. Alright? No is no. Make sure that you are using the proper approach and the conversations are about their needs and wants and not yours. The approach of “this is my company and this is why livethesource so great” is NOT the approach that I recommend.


Really, if you think about it, they have heard that pitch from so many people already and they can see right through it. When you approach someone like this it basically says to them. PLEASE! get involved with my company because if you do good then I will make lots of money off your efforts.


Put yourself in their shoes …. isn’t that how you would feel?


Facts Tell but stories Sell and this hold true with livethesource and the symbiotic diet also. What gets people to join you when you have an in home meeting?
It’s not that the livethesource headquarters is located in a big shinny office building down in sunny Florida. The reason that people get involved is because they hear people giving their testimonies about livethesource and the symbiotic diet and if these people are feeling better and have more energy etc; They think to themselves “maybe it would work for me too”.


Everyone is always asking themselves WIIFM “Whats In It For Me”  Thats why you should be going out to YouTube and just type in the word livethesource and you will find all sorts of testimonials about how livethesource has improved these peoples lives.


Here are a couple of livethesource sample videos from customers but there are a bunch more out there on You -Tube… USE THEM!


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