Livethesource – The Symbiotic Diet : How is your posture?

When it comes to livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet you may be asking your self, what does posture have to do with livethesource or the symbiotic diet? Posture has every thing to do with both products and the company, here is why.

I was with a potential distributor the other day who had tried and failed at several network marketing business over the years. As she was considering getting involved with livethesource as a distributor I asked her this question. What do you think caused you to fail with those other companies? Her reply was, that even though the companies had good products she didn’t feel that there was a big enough difference between there product and a product they could get at a retail store for a lot less money.

NOTE: Those we not her exact words but when you listen carefully you can hear these types of things loud and clear.

She had no passion or belief about the products and services that she was trying to sell. As we continued on in our conversation (this should be 90% listening on your part) she started talking about a product she owned called, Vita-mix. She loves her Vita-mix and it showed. She doesn’t sell Vita-mix but if she did she could probably sell a ton of them. She has so much passion and loves the product so much that she has great posture when telling some one about this product.

That is the posture that each of us need to develop when we talk to others about The Symbiotic Diet or The vitamin D3 booster or the livethesource daily multi-vitamin. People will follow you if you have great belief in the products that you promote.

If you don’t have that kind of belief then you either need to develop the belief and posture or go to another company that has products you do believe in. Other wise you are just wasting your time and your sponsors time.

You can help develop your belief and posture by listening to others tell their story. Here are some good examples that I found.

The first one is a guy giving a review of The Symbiotic Diet on his web site here is the link

Here are a couple of random videos about Livethesource. Just go out to YouTube there are a lot of them out there that can help you with your belief.

Lots More Energy:

Breast Cancer Skeptic:

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