Livethesource, The Symbiotic Diet And The Magic Beans

Everyone that I talked to is always interested in the secrets of success in Livethesource and with The Symbiotic Diet. Well, I will tell you that the secrets to success are disguised as work.

However, there are some little tricks that you learn along the way to help you stay on track and keep focused in your livethesource and Symbiotic Diet business. Focusing is so important!

Have you ever taken a magnifying glass on a sunny day and shined it on a piece of paper?  As long as you keep moving that magnifying glass around and it’s not focused, nothing really happens. But as soon as you focus that magnifying glass so the sun’s rays are concentrated into one small area, the paper will burst into flames.

The same thing can happen with your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business if you stay focused. If you keep running around trying one thing one day and another thing another day.  You’re never going to build a good solid business.  But when you pick out one thing that you want to focus on and you really stick to it.  Even when it seems like it isn’t working. Mark my words it will happen, your business will explode!

Magic Beans Will Make Your Livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet Business Grow Like Crazy

So here’s a little trick for today to help keep your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business on track. Take 10 pennies or 10 dried beans (MAGIC Beans) 😉 or 10 poker chips and put them in your right pocket. The object is to talk to 10 people that day.  As you talk to one person you would take a penny that is in your right pocket and put it in your left pocket and you do this all day until the 10 pennies are all gone from your right pocket and into your left pocket.

This whole exercise is just to get you to practice starting a conversation and talking to people.  When you first start out you may say, today I am going to make eye contact and smile at 10 people  and that could be your goal. You may want to do that for a week until you feel comfortable making eye contact and smiling.

The next week you may want to start a conversation with 10 people a day.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about the weather.  Just start a conversation, and you’ve accomplished your goal for the second week.

Each week after that, you just want to add a little more and a little more to the goal you trying to accomplish.

The 10 dried beans (MAGIC Beans) 😉 is just an easy way to keep track of how many people you’re actually contacting throughout the day.

Once you get actually talking to people about your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business. You are now contacting over 300 new prospects a month. That was EASY wasn’t it?

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