The Symbiotic Diet vs Other Non Symbiotic Diets

I just read this article today because I have been doing some research on The Symbiotic Diet from livethesource and Fat loss. Read what Mike has to say and post a comment if you agree or disagree with me.

Healthy Weight Loss Programs – Top 3 Ideas For Learning The Best Diet Plans For You
by Mike on November 1, 2010

From diet supplements to detoxification diets, high-protein to low-carb, and so much more — how do you discover the best diet plan for your unique wants and preferences? While nutritionist and dieting gurus share a few standardized opinions (limiting portion sizes and the benefits of working out), there are so many different ways for losing weight, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed.

So how should you find the best diet for healthy weight loss that you can really keep up with? Here are some ideas! How quickly do you want to lose your weight? If speed is vital for you — because of an important future event, a critical health issue, or just because you’re anxious to see results — you may want to choose weight loss programs that are specifically geared to trick your body into quick weight loss.

This includes diets such as the Lemonade Master Cleanse Diet, which functions as a cleanser to free your body of accumulated waste. It may not sound pleasant, but some dieters lose up to 20 pounds in only ten days — a perfect solution for those who desire to lose weight quickly.

Are ease of use and convenience strong elements for you?Some people will never enjoy cooking, so the best diets are those where counting calories, counting points, and making complicated menus are out of the question.

Diet meal plans such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem provide meal delivery alternatives, so there’s a bare minimum of cooking involved (if you can run a microwave oven, you’ll be fine!) and calorie and fat counts are previously taken into consideration.

Mikes entire article can be found here:

I disagree with Mike because with all of the Ideas above you fall right back into the trap of regaining the weight after it is lost. Do these other methods even have any clinical studies behind them? These other methods are exactly why we spend BILLIONS of dollars every year on diet products and don’t see any results.

Am I wrong?

With The Symbiotic Diet you have a better chance of success because The Symbiotic Diet works on the brain and the brain ultimately controls what we eat.

If you are interested in more information on the symbiotic diet go here: The Symbiotic Diet

Here is another good link to information about The Symbiotic Diet

So do you agree or disagree? Post a comment and let your voice be heard

This article was used with permission from Rich Turrner. Thanks Rich :o)

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