Livethesource – Why Do We Need Vitamins and Minerals?

I posted this article because as a result of my involvement with livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet I get many questions about vitamins and minerals. Nowadays vitamins are becoming an important aspect of our daily lives. We should normally get these important elements from our daily diet. However, you may ask, ” why do we need vitamins and minerals ?” It is simply because without these essential nutrients it’s just like we are merely eating just for the sake of filling in our stomach.

Some vitamins are stored within our body and some our bloodstream. There are two classifications of vitamins, the fat-soluble vitamins, and the water-soluble vitamins. We have to replace these vitamins daily by taking food supplements or multi vitamin tablets and that’s where a problem comes in, because your body at the cellular level will only absorb about 10% of the vitamins and minerals in tablet form. I have chosen livethesource nano encapsulation multi vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement because it has about a 90% absorption rate of those elements at the cellular level and you can actually feel the difference.

Even the average health researcher would ask the question, “Why do we need vitamins and minerals?” Read on find out the answers to your question. These are the reasons why both vitamins and minerals are very important to our body.


* Calcium is essential for healthy bones, nervous system, muscle and teeth.

* Chromium is important in increasing the effectiveness of insulin, which is essential in proper metabolism.

* Copper is essential for blood cell formation and works with vitamin C during healing.

* Iodine is for the regulation of the body’s metabolism.

* Iron is important in the production of blood.

* Magnesium acts as a medium in the utilization of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

* Manganese is for proper skeletal system development and production of sex hormones.

* Molybdenum acts as an important element in the transportation of iron from the liver. Also, it helps promote normal cell function.

* Potassium is important for a healthy nervous system, heart muscle, and kidneys.

* Selenium aids in keeping the arteries and tissues elastic.

* Zinc is an important element for proper healing of wounds.


* Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin and eyesight, most especially for focusing during nighttime. Vitamin A is one of the few antioxidant vitamins that are important in protecting our body from various disease and pollutants, which makes it a great vitamins for the immune system. Foods that are high in vitamin A are liver, vegetables, milk, and orange fruits.

* Vitamin B is considered a group of vitamins. Vitamins in this classification include vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. Their properties are similar in nature but they function in a different way. We need these vitamins for normal red blood cell formation. Food sources for vitamin B include milk, peas, beans, eggs, fish (or other seafoods), red meat, wheat, white meat, yogurt, vegetables and oats.

* Vitamin C is important in maintaining proper regeneration of cells and tissues. So every time you get a cut, vitamin C helps in healing the wound. Aside from that, it helps the body to fight off against any forms of infection and illness. We can get vitamin C from foods such as cantaloupe, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, sweet red peppers, cabbages, broccoli, and strawberries.

* Vitamin D helps in the development and maintenance of healthy bone structures. It is also needed in order for us to get strong and healthy teeth. Aside from that, it aids in our body’s ability to absorb calcium. We can get this vitamin from foods like egg yolk, cereal, liver, and milk.

* Vitamin E is one of the vitamins that give our body a lot of benefits. The main function of this vitamin is to maintain healthy cells and tissues for us to get healthy functioning eyes, skin, and liver. Also, it helps protect our lungs from external damages such as pollutants in the air. It also plays a major role in the formation of red blood cells. Foods that are rich in vitamin E are sardines, nuts, seeds, vegetables, egg yolks, wheat, and oats.

* Vitamin K works like a glue when there is a cut. It helps in the clotting of the blood. This clotting process is important so that the blood will solidify and to prevent bleeding. We can get vitamin K by eating foods such as vegetables, soybean oil, yogurt, milk, and broccoli.

So has your question ….. why do we need vitamins and minerals? been answered? We need proper vitamin information nowadays. Many people have been suffering a lot of illnesses because they lack specific vitamins and minerals in their diet. Unfortunately tablet type of vitamins will not get them what their bodies need because of the low absorption rate and that is why I take livethesource because of the 90% absorption rate.

Deficiency in vitamin and mineral consumption is one of the main reasons why we suffer from illness. Therefore, we must keep in mind that health is about eating the right kind of foods with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals and because most people don’t have that then I would recommend trying Livethesource.

Livethesource is the best thing that I have found but if you have found something better please let me know about it.

For more information about livethesource click this link nano encapsulation vitamins.

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