The Symbiotic Diet – Thanksgiving Day Tips

If you have been on The Symbiotic Diet like I have and you have started to shed those unwanted pounds and that ugly fat you have been delighted and excited and amazed with the results.

 But now we approach one of the most dreaded times of the year for anyone who is trying to change there eating lifestyle…..Its all of the holidays and the great food that surrounds those holidays. Lets start with Thanksgiving, I can just envision that golden brown turkey with a big portion of steaming hot, fresh, homemade mashed potatoes with a lake of gravy on the top and humm I can smell the pumpkin pie now.  

The thing is, I plan on having all of those foods and more. One of my biggest problems with my eating habits was that I ate a lot, my portions were huge. I have found that by taking The Symbiotic Diet for about a month now I become much fuller much faster. I originally thought it was in my head but  I have never experienced this before and I really haven’t changed the way that I eat. So I guess it must be The Symbiotic Diet kicking into gear.

One thing that I would encourage you to do on Thanksgiving day is to just measure your portions and write down what you eat. You don’t have to go nuts with detail but I have found that it helps me, because lots of time I just eat and don’t even realize how much I ate during the day because I have been nibbling all day and then I would eat my meal.

I found this video that I think you will like and it will give you some quick tips so you don’t blow all of the progress that you made with The Symbiotic Diet. I wish you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the video.

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