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Livethesource – Better Video On Blood Cells – Must See This One

December 29, 2010

I had to pass this along. This is a truley awesome video about livethesource and how it affects your red and white blood cells and you imune system.

The beginning of this video starts out like the other video that I bloged about in my last post but it is different.

It really get interesting at about the 4 minute mark. You won’t believe your eyes.
The three segments were redone useing only livethesource and no D3 booster.

Take a few minutes and watch this…you will be blown away.

No excuses now, not to be taking Livethesource!

Livethesource – The Proof Has Arrived

December 21, 2010

When you first started taking the livethesource nano encapsulated multi- vitamins you knew that you felt a difference, something was happening in your body but you didn’t know exactly what, and in many cases you felt that difference right right away. However some friends said that they felt a little different from the nano encapsulated vitamins but some friends said that they felt nothing at all. How can that be?

Did You Have Doubts About Livethesource ?

I always asked my self “how can I feel something and others feel nothing, Is this all in my head” and then the doubt would start creeping in “am I just having a placebo effect and is it really all in my mind”?

Livethesource has Scientific Proof Now!

After all we really had no scientific to prove what we felt was happening with livethesource multi-vitamins was true ….UNTIL NOW!

You Are Not Crazy!

It Was Not A Placebo Effect!

You Really Did Feel Better!

You Really Did Have More Energy!

You Really Did Sleep Better …. and so much more!

Livethesource really did do what it said it would do, and it was doing it in every single persons life that it touched. I don’t know why some people didn’t “FEEL” something, but wether they felt it or not, it was happening. Livethesource does not cure disease but it is giving each persons body what it needs to help it heal its self.

Livethesource did help everyone’s body in a Very Very efficient manor, through the modern day miracle of Nano-Technology.

Blood Samples of Livethesource Prove It!

In the following video you are going to see a man get a blood sample taken shortly after eating.

Listen carefully to the doctor on the video as she explains the different functions taking place in our blood.

Before taking livethesource you will note that the blood cells are all stuck together, and then take note of the white blood cells which represent our immune system.

Next watch what happend after the man takes an ounce of the livethesource nano encapsulated multi-vitamin. Then they wait about three minutes and take some more blood to look at under the microscope.

I don’t want to sway your opinion about livethesource either way but the blood viewed under the microscope doesn’t lie.

You be the judge!




No More Excuses….Get out there and start helping people to have better health with Livethesource.

Livethesource – Almost out of Time

December 17, 2010

I just had to write this quick post to let all of my followers of this Livethesource  and the symbiotic diet blog in on a great deal for the holidays. I had to do it now because we are almost out of time and you can get some really great savings if you act quickly.  You Will LOVE This Deal

 If you are Livethesource distributor, you are really going to LOVE this deal. Livethesource is really giving you an extra value the season, when you invest an extra value kit. Here’s the way it works, for every gold standard kit that you purchase, Livethesource will include for free. Three bottles of vitamin D3 booster and 40 vitamin D three brochures. (they are more like a booklet)

SAVE OVER $100.00

This is well over a $100 savings per kit and the gold standard kit is what most professional business builders are using to build their businesses today.  So you will need these kits for new distributors anyway. Can you imagine having a hot new prospect who is ready to get involved in livethesource and they are all excited to get going and you don’t have any kits on hand to get them started. They have to wait a three days to a week before they get their kit. That’s like having a roaring fire and throwing a bucket of water on it. That would be stupid,who would run a business like that?

But….That’s not the worst part.

The worst part of not having any kits on hand is…. What you do will be duplicated by your new team member. He or she thinks that if my sponsor doesn’t need to have kits on hand, than I don’t either. THIS KILLS YOUR MOMENTUM AND IT KILLS YOUR BUSINESS.

Sorry, that I got on that little rant, there but it still blows my mind that people would even try to build a successful business that way.

Just to recap what’s in the gold standard kit, you get two bottles of Livethesource daily multivitamins, you get two bottles of the vitamin D3 booster and you get two containers of the symbiotic diet.  If you order before December 31, 2010.  You will get an extra three bottles of the vitamin D3 booster and he will get 40 of the vitamin D3 booster brochures.  These brochures are great to hand out to potential customers who don’t know the value of vitamin D and why Livethesource vitamin D3 is different.

The link below is just a direct link to the livethesource company. I don’t make any more money if you buy this or not.

I’m just trying to provide value to my readers and I have a passion for the Livethesource products and the Livethesource business.

For all the details of this AWESOME DEAL go to the Livethesource homepage. Here’s the link  Livethesource

Livethesource and Depression

December 15, 2010

There is so much always going on at livethesource headquarters, especially with the introduction of the Vitamin D-3 Booster and then with the recent hysteria around the unveiling of The Symbiotic Diet  sometimes we forget about the amazing results people have been seeing with the Daily livethesource multivitamin product.

Live The Source the company doesn’t claim to cure or prevent desiese or to be a natural cure for depression by taking livethesource.  Livethesource just gives the body what it needs to help heal it’s self.

In this video Shannon, who was dealing with depression after the loss of her baby tells her story and how livethesource helped her through this tragic time.

The Symbiotic Diet – Creating Your Food Journal

December 11, 2010

I did an article the other day called The Symbiotic Diet-write it down.  If you haven’t read that post, I would recommend that you take a few minutes and read it now before you read the rest of this article.

Here’s a small excerpt from that article. Keeping a food journal, a place where you can record every morsel of food that passes your lips, helps you focus on what you are eating day-to-day.  It is an excellent way to gain insight into when, what, and why you eat.  There’s no doubt in my mind that you will be totally surprised when you discover your eating patterns and how much you are putting into your mouth that you never even thought about.

Creating The Symbiotic Diet Food Journal

To start your Symbiotic Diet food journal, I recommend you buy a small notebook can be tucked in your pocket or purse and carried with you wherever you go, this way you can record would you eat immediately.  You may be tempted to keep your journal on your computer, but if you don’t record which you eat at the time you’d eat it, you risk, forgetting about it later when you do have the time to update your journal, I have done this many times, save yourself the aggravation and use a small notebook.  Many electronic organizers and even some phones today, however have features that allow you to store notes, making them another convenient way to take your journal with you wherever you go.

What should you record in The Symbiotic Diet journal?  Everything and anything related to what, when, and why you eat every time you eat, every day.  The value of the journal is lost if you only use it selectively.  In order to identify eating patterns, you need to record every single piece of food or beverage that you put into your mouth. I also record the time and duration of physical activity or exercise.  For example if I walk to the store instead of driving, then I would record it. If I got on the treadmill and did a mile, I would record it. If I was raking leaves on the lawn and for a couple of hours I would record it. However if I’m a housewife and I was going around picking up toys after the kids I would not recorded because this is part of my normal daily activity and your body really doesn’t recognize that as exercise, although it does burn calories.

To make The Symbiotic Diet journal a truly useful tool, you want records, not just of what you eat, but how much you eat as well.  Writing down three slices of pepperoni pizza with extra cheese or one slice of thin crust vegetable pizza is a lot more informative to you than just writing down one slice of pizza.

It’s also important to record when you eat.  Keeping track of this kind of information helps you to become aware of your eating patterns and recognize where your pitfalls are.  Do you tend to overheat when you’re bored at work in the afternoons?  Or maybe you Munch mindlessly while watching television at night.  You should know when you tend to overheat, then you can develop a plan to curb those bad habits.  And when you combine this with The Symbiotic Diet by livethesource.  You have all one two, knock out punch that will help you start losing fat and weight effectively.

Some other good articles about livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet

The Symbiotic Diet Business The Symbiotic Diet Overview

The Symbiotic Diet – Take Note

December 9, 2010

The Symbiotic Diet is a fantastic program, and seeing phenomenal results across the USA and Canada.  This article, however, is how to improve your results on The Symbiotic Diet even more.  Many times we eat simply out of habit, and we have no idea of what we put into our mouths.  You just eat the food you do in the amounts that you do simply because you’ve always done that.

Replacing poor eating habits with good ones is an important key to achieving and maintaining your optimal weight.  By changing the way you think about food and eating, you give yourself the tools you need to control your weight forever. However we all know that old habits are hard to break and The Symbiotic Diet definitely helps to break those habits.
The first step to changing a habit is to recognize the tendency in yourself and understand what drives it.
Keeping a food journal, a place where you can record every morsel of food that passes your lips, helps you focus on what you are eating day-to-day.  It is an excellent way to gain insight into when, what, and why you eat.  There’s no doubt in my mind that you will be totally surprised when you discover your eating patterns and how much you are putting into your mouth that you never even thought about.
The first thing you have to do in creating a food journal is make a commitment.  You don’t have to say that you’re going to cut anything out, just eat normally.  Just make the simple commitment to write down what you put in your mouth.  The only other thing that you need to do when you record what you’re eating is to record what time you’re eating it.
If you do this for two weeks you will be amazed at the findings.  You’ll spot different times of the day when you’re more susceptible to snacking.  You’ll spot different days of the week that you tend to eat more than you should.
I know this is simple, and I know that you may have read this or heard this before, but honestly, it works. Many programs like Weight Watchers, Curves, Atkins and the list goes on and on all recommend using a food journal of some sort.
The Symbiotic Diet will help you lose fat, whether you do this or not, but if you keep a food journal even for a couple of weeks you will see the fat and the weight will off that much more quickly.

Tomorrow or the day after I’ll be explaining exactly how to set up your food journal so you can get the most bang for your buck when using The Symbiotic Diet.

Here are a couple of other good articles on The Symbiotic Diet that you may enjoy.  The-Symbiotic-Diet or  The-Symbiotic-Diet-a-Radical-Differance

The Symbiotic Diet – The Price Is Outrageous

December 1, 2010

I have to admit when I first tried The Symbiotic Diet from Livethesource I was a little shocked at the price…OK I was more than a little shocked. The distributor cost of The Symbiotic Diet is about $150.00 and if you purchase The Symbiotic Diet at retail you are going to pay over $200.00 per month.

In my little mind I was saying who in their right mind would pay that kind of money every month for a diet product.

The answer is… LOTS of people! That’s the difference between most of us and people who are extremely wealthy most of us limit our thinking. The very wealthy don’t limit their thinking and think of reasons of why an idea could work, where most of us think of reasons why it won’t work.

I am really working hard to change the way that I think. I try to surround myself with successful people who think the way that I want to think.

So let get back to the price on The Symbiotic Diet. I started looking around and found lots of diets that are more expensive that The Symbiotic Diet and a government study showed that in 2004 Americans spent about $46 BILLION dollars on weight loss and diet programs.

The sad part is two thirds of the people who have lost the weight gained it back within a year and 97% had gained it all back within 5 years.

I came across this article from Forbes while doing research and there its one very well know diet that cost over $550.00 a month and the have no problem finding clients.

This is a pretty cool article and it will open your eyes up as it did mine. click this link The Symbiotic Diet Comparison