The Symbiotic Diet – The Price Is Outrageous

I have to admit when I first tried The Symbiotic Diet from Livethesource I was a little shocked at the price…OK I was more than a little shocked. The distributor cost of The Symbiotic Diet is about $150.00 and if you purchase The Symbiotic Diet at retail you are going to pay over $200.00 per month.

In my little mind I was saying who in their right mind would pay that kind of money every month for a diet product.

The answer is… LOTS of people! That’s the difference between most of us and people who are extremely wealthy most of us limit our thinking. The very wealthy don’t limit their thinking and think of reasons of why an idea could work, where most of us think of reasons why it won’t work.

I am really working hard to change the way that I think. I try to surround myself with successful people who think the way that I want to think.

So let get back to the price on The Symbiotic Diet. I started looking around and found lots of diets that are more expensive that The Symbiotic Diet and a government study showed that in 2004 Americans spent about $46 BILLION dollars on weight loss and diet programs.

The sad part is two thirds of the people who have lost the weight gained it back within a year and 97% had gained it all back within 5 years.

I came across this article from Forbes while doing research and there its one very well know diet that cost over $550.00 a month and the have no problem finding clients.

This is a pretty cool article and it will open your eyes up as it did mine. click this link The Symbiotic Diet Comparison

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