The Symbiotic Diet – Creating Your Food Journal

I did an article the other day called The Symbiotic Diet-write it down.  If you haven’t read that post, I would recommend that you take a few minutes and read it now before you read the rest of this article.

Here’s a small excerpt from that article. Keeping a food journal, a place where you can record every morsel of food that passes your lips, helps you focus on what you are eating day-to-day.  It is an excellent way to gain insight into when, what, and why you eat.  There’s no doubt in my mind that you will be totally surprised when you discover your eating patterns and how much you are putting into your mouth that you never even thought about.

Creating The Symbiotic Diet Food Journal

To start your Symbiotic Diet food journal, I recommend you buy a small notebook can be tucked in your pocket or purse and carried with you wherever you go, this way you can record would you eat immediately.  You may be tempted to keep your journal on your computer, but if you don’t record which you eat at the time you’d eat it, you risk, forgetting about it later when you do have the time to update your journal, I have done this many times, save yourself the aggravation and use a small notebook.  Many electronic organizers and even some phones today, however have features that allow you to store notes, making them another convenient way to take your journal with you wherever you go.

What should you record in The Symbiotic Diet journal?  Everything and anything related to what, when, and why you eat every time you eat, every day.  The value of the journal is lost if you only use it selectively.  In order to identify eating patterns, you need to record every single piece of food or beverage that you put into your mouth. I also record the time and duration of physical activity or exercise.  For example if I walk to the store instead of driving, then I would record it. If I got on the treadmill and did a mile, I would record it. If I was raking leaves on the lawn and for a couple of hours I would record it. However if I’m a housewife and I was going around picking up toys after the kids I would not recorded because this is part of my normal daily activity and your body really doesn’t recognize that as exercise, although it does burn calories.

To make The Symbiotic Diet journal a truly useful tool, you want records, not just of what you eat, but how much you eat as well.  Writing down three slices of pepperoni pizza with extra cheese or one slice of thin crust vegetable pizza is a lot more informative to you than just writing down one slice of pizza.

It’s also important to record when you eat.  Keeping track of this kind of information helps you to become aware of your eating patterns and recognize where your pitfalls are.  Do you tend to overheat when you’re bored at work in the afternoons?  Or maybe you Munch mindlessly while watching television at night.  You should know when you tend to overheat, then you can develop a plan to curb those bad habits.  And when you combine this with The Symbiotic Diet by livethesource.  You have all one two, knock out punch that will help you start losing fat and weight effectively.

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