Livethesource – Almost out of Time

I just had to write this quick post to let all of my followers of this Livethesource  and the symbiotic diet blog in on a great deal for the holidays. I had to do it now because we are almost out of time and you can get some really great savings if you act quickly.  You Will LOVE This Deal

 If you are Livethesource distributor, you are really going to LOVE this deal. Livethesource is really giving you an extra value the season, when you invest an extra value kit. Here’s the way it works, for every gold standard kit that you purchase, Livethesource will include for free. Three bottles of vitamin D3 booster and 40 vitamin D three brochures. (they are more like a booklet)

SAVE OVER $100.00

This is well over a $100 savings per kit and the gold standard kit is what most professional business builders are using to build their businesses today.  So you will need these kits for new distributors anyway. Can you imagine having a hot new prospect who is ready to get involved in livethesource and they are all excited to get going and you don’t have any kits on hand to get them started. They have to wait a three days to a week before they get their kit. That’s like having a roaring fire and throwing a bucket of water on it. That would be stupid,who would run a business like that?

But….That’s not the worst part.

The worst part of not having any kits on hand is…. What you do will be duplicated by your new team member. He or she thinks that if my sponsor doesn’t need to have kits on hand, than I don’t either. THIS KILLS YOUR MOMENTUM AND IT KILLS YOUR BUSINESS.

Sorry, that I got on that little rant, there but it still blows my mind that people would even try to build a successful business that way.

Just to recap what’s in the gold standard kit, you get two bottles of Livethesource daily multivitamins, you get two bottles of the vitamin D3 booster and you get two containers of the symbiotic diet.  If you order before December 31, 2010.  You will get an extra three bottles of the vitamin D3 booster and he will get 40 of the vitamin D3 booster brochures.  These brochures are great to hand out to potential customers who don’t know the value of vitamin D and why Livethesource vitamin D3 is different.

The link below is just a direct link to the livethesource company. I don’t make any more money if you buy this or not.

I’m just trying to provide value to my readers and I have a passion for the Livethesource products and the Livethesource business.

For all the details of this AWESOME DEAL go to the Livethesource homepage. Here’s the link  Livethesource

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