The Proven Formula To Recruit New Distributors Easily: Part 2

Yesterday I told you that in my next post I would tell you about a proven formula to recruit new prospects into your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business faster than you ever though possible.

This is not theory. This is a proven method used by 10s of thousands of people all over the world and it has been around for at least 20+ years because that is when it was introduced to me.

Lets say you are at one of your kids baseball games and you are standing next to a person that you want to approach. First say something simple like “which one of the kids playing is yours?” they will respond with a variety of possible answers but that is not what is important. The conversation has started and now YOU LISTEN to the answers that they give you.

Then you continue to ask questions by what we call F O R M-ing them. People love to talk about themselves, their accomplishments, there family and even their troubles. However in todays fast paced world they hardly have anyone who even remotely cares what is happening in their life. So if you give someone the opportunity, they will talk if you will listen. You need to really take a genuine interest in what the other person is saying.

OK, now here is where F O R M comes into play because it gives you an easy way to keep them talking about themselves.

F stands for FAMILY  ask questions about their family. Examples: So how many kids do you have? What are there ages?
   Are you married? When they answer these type of questions, then you ask more questions from the answers they gave you.

   I know that you are probably thinking. People won’t talk to me like this! Well they do and I do this every single day. So you can either make        excuses or make money. I chose to do this and make money :o)

O stands for OCCUPATION  ask questions about what they do and how long have they been there, do they like what they are doing, how did you get involved with that line of work etc: the answers to these questions will tell you a lot as far as possible interest in your Livethesource or The Symbiotic Diet opportunity, So LISTEN!

R stands for RECREATION  ask them questions about what they like to do for FUN during their leisure time. Do they get to do that activity as much as they want. What would they do if they didn’t have to work etc:

M stands for MESSAGE, this part is where you give your message about Livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet or the vitamin D-3 booster you may not even want to mention the products at that point but just give them a taste of what you have and have them ask you questions.

I will usually say something like, I work with a company that deals with Nano technology to help resolve health related issues. Then I SHUT UP. Their curiosity always gets the best of them and then they ask me more about it.

Then I give them a little more very general information and then I change the subject. They almost always change the subject back to what I do.

These last steps are very important because now they are pursuing you instead of you pursuing them.

Most of the time it works like this:
Joe distributor meets a prospect at a ball game and after chit chatting Joe distributor trys to persuade them to come to a meeting or to let him come over so he can show them his super duper products. Most prospects will run from that approach…wouldn’t you?

Try this formula F O R M it works if you work it and practice with it!

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