Relax to Help You Overcome Shyness and Anxiety

Is there a cure for shyness? Some conventional doctors would have you believe that by pumping an antidepressant pill, you can metamorphosis from a wallflower into a social butterfly.


Medication should never be the first or only treatment, and it is not a cure. To truly cure or social anxiety, you need to resolve will self-esteem, based the specific situations that you fear, and overcome them breathless, sweaty palmed hypersensitivity.


Learn how to Breathe to control your anxiety


The first thing to do is start learning how to breathe through your diaphragm. This kind of breathing takes place more in your stomach area than in your chest area and this is the basis of all relaxation and internal self-regulation.


When you’re anxious… consciously take a slow, deep, rhythmic diaphragm breaths by inhaling through your nose, drawing oxygen down into your abdomen, and holding it for a few seconds. Exhale through your mouth, mentally counting  5… 4…3…2…1  don’t push the air in and out of your body, breathe slowly and deliberately until the pace feels natural.


Use affirmations to take control of your situation


When you’re facing situations and you start to feel anxious, use the following affirmation: Tell yourself …” my anxiety symptoms are temporary, and eventually they will diminish significantly and may well disappear altogether”.


The sentence must become a regular part of your daily routine. Repeating it many times a day, every day, particularly in anxiety producing situations, it will help you remember that you market and are in control of your anxiety rather than your anxiety being in control you


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