Livethesource and YTB – Strange Bedfellows?

When you look at it on the surface the merger of Livethesource and YTB would seem to be an odd relationship. What would a nutrition company and the travel company have in common? I agree it does seem like an odd marriage, however if you know anything about Livethesource you know that they don’t run with the pack, they thrive on innovation, change and market disruption

The whole idea of bringing the two companies together revolves around making the company better for the entrepreneurs. Livethesource wanted to give entrepreneurs another source of income to feed into the in-line marketing concept.

YTB is just one of several companies that will be brought into the fold. Several other companies are currently in the evaluation stage and all of these companies will create additional streams of income for the Livethesource entrepreneurs and the YTB entrepreneurs. To have a better idea of how the in-line marketing system of Livethesource works, view the video below.

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