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How To Find Abundant Health leads

June 25, 2012

Free Abundant Health Leads For Your Business

Direct product sales and the network marketing industry are amazing business with great potential. With that being said, there is one particular key reason that more people don’t succeed than triumph.

After people get involved and they speak to or sell to their specific family and close friends, most men and women hit a huge brick wall. They run out of individuals to talk to. The business supervision or sponsors claim you should just begin talking to absolutely everyone who is with in 3 feet of you and in due course you will uncover enough people to develop your business.

I have been in this business for more than 2 decades and it was just a few months ago I stumbled onto a method to get leads that has absolutely nothing to do with social websites or even the three foot rule.

This free technique of generating leads for your Abundant Health business is one of the better kept secrets by the top people in Abundant Health who enjoy a limitless supply of free leads. The system is also free and now I am spreading the word and so should you. These tools really should be for everyone to use not just for a few of the elite marketers Click this link to watch a short video Abundant Health Leads

Everyone out there needs some great tips and a few good resources, if they hope to be successful in their business dealings. Network marketing is certainly no exception. In the article you’re about to read, we have put together a list of solid tips that you can use to help your business grow. Read them carefully.

Leads For Abundant Health

If you’d like to draw people to your website who will become leads for your network marketing endeavors, give them what they’re looking for! A great cache of information on network marketing including tips, strategies, and advice will draw people in over and over again with answers to every question they may have.

An important tip to consider when it comes to network marketing is that you should use and advertise that you use Skype for your business. This is an important aspect because it gives you the option to video conference with potential clients and gives yet another way for you to pull in new leads.

Abundant Lead Generation

Your network marketing business needs an online lead generating system, in which everything is automated, and it drives heavy traffic to your website. Using this system, you can reach so many more people than if you were just manually reaching everyone. Lead generation systems are a great tool when it comes to network marketing businesses.


Lead generation is an integral part of any successful network marketing venture. The best way to organically generate leads is to have a strong social network in the communities relevant to your products.

A good strategy you can employ is to try to get to know your customers on a more personal level. You should check in to make sure that the customer is successful with your product and offer support when you can. The customer will be more willing to refer you to his contacts, and your social network will naturally begin to grow. In many cases, your customers can even become your prospects.

If you feel like you have a good idea of what to do when it comes to network marketing then you’re on the right track. Just remember that there is still plenty to learn, but this shouldn’t discourage you from starting up, or using what you have learned to improve your existing business. Focus on putting one or two of the pointers in this article to use, and you will see results.

I know that everyone will want to check out the free Abundant Health leads and see just how you can get them as well. Simply click on this weblink  Abundant Health Leads


Livethesource – How to Recruit New Distributors

January 5, 2011

If you are a livethesource distributor and you are interested in building a large team of distributors and customers then you need to heed this important information.

You can make a fortune in the Network marketing business if you do this one thing. Take the spotlight off you and put it on your distributor or customer. In Network marketing most unsuccessful people do it backwards and think that they need to be the “big man on campus”.

In realty it is the person who is genuinely interested in others that succeeds the most in the Livethesource or The Symbiotic Diet  business.
When you talk to a new prospect or potential customer try to hold yourself back from showing all of the product knowledge and skill that you have. instead get to know your prospects needs and desires. It doesn’t matter what you want out of this business, it’s about what they want.

The way that you do that is to ask them questions, but if you are like many people, they say “I don’t know what to talk about or how to start a conversation”
I have a very simple formula that I will share with you in my next post. You will be able to start a conversation easily with just about anyone.

This formula will help you get more prospects for your Livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business than you ever thought possible.

The Symbiotic Diet and Livethesource – The Hidden Truth

November 5, 2010

Before you get your hopes up thinking that I have dug up some major dirt on livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet I want to let you know, that is not the case at all.

The hidden truth that I am going to expose is not only with The Symbiotic Diet and Livethesource but with ALL Network marketing companies. It is not your fault that you are failing.

I am going to share a story with you about a guy I know called Mike and I want you to see if this seems like something that you may have gone though or that you are going through with The Symbiotic Diet Business from livethesource.

Here is Mikes story and this is all true:

I was 25 years old at the time and, after five years in the business, I could count the number of people I had sponsored on one hand

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t make money in Network marketing — even though I worked it day and night… and even though I did everything my upline told me to do.

I went to every meeting within 300 miles… made an average of 100 (yes one hundred) cold calls per day… and spent every penny I had on books, tapes and advertising that never paid for itself.

When I told my upline about this, they said it must be “me” doing something wrong. That the system was completely “duplicatable.” And I just needed to be more “positive”… set more goals… call more leads… and attend more meetings and training calls.

But those things only got me more of the same rejection and frustration. In fact, by this time I was dirt broke… had racked up thousands of dollars in debt… and was so financially in “the hole, I had to pawn my championship winning bike and furniture just to eat.

In truth, I had pretty much given up on Network Marketing.

Then one day, almost by accident, I discovered a secret way of prospecting on the Internet after reading an email from a direct marketing genius in Chicago.

An almost laughably simple technique that requires no cold calling… no going to meetings… no rejection… and absolutely no selling.

In fact, with this secret…

People Actually Paid Me To
Hear About My Opportunity And Products.

I almost couldn’t believe it.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars per month on advertising and beg people to let me show them the plan.

It was incredible.

I had discovered a 100% “rejection-free” way of prospecting that lets even the most “timid” and shy networker sponsor dozens of new distributors in just a few short weeks.

Without making one single cold-call.

Without having to hassle your friends, family and neighbors.

And without spending ANY money.

In fact, as I said, people actually pay you to prospect with this method.

Sounds almost crazy, doesn’t it?

Hey, I understand.  Sometimes I still have a hard time believing this is real.

And all I ask is you hold off from disbelieving long enough to see the evidence for yourself.  It will take just a few minutes, and will help you sponsor new distributors far faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

OK enough of Mikes story. My story was so similar to his I knew that he had been in my shoes before. Once I watched the 7 free videos my eyes were opened and my hope was restored. This was a turning point in my business and I would never have to embarrass myself looking for prospects again.

Check out these videos, there is no charge. They are FREE what do you have to lose?

We are all part of the livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet family and I would hope that if you had something like this that helped you in your business…. I would hope that you would share it with me and my team. Here is the link New Prospects Videos for livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet.

Livethesource, The Symbiotic Diet And The Magic Beans

October 28, 2010

Everyone that I talked to is always interested in the secrets of success in Livethesource and with The Symbiotic Diet. Well, I will tell you that the secrets to success are disguised as work.

However, there are some little tricks that you learn along the way to help you stay on track and keep focused in your livethesource and Symbiotic Diet business. Focusing is so important!

Have you ever taken a magnifying glass on a sunny day and shined it on a piece of paper?  As long as you keep moving that magnifying glass around and it’s not focused, nothing really happens. But as soon as you focus that magnifying glass so the sun’s rays are concentrated into one small area, the paper will burst into flames.

The same thing can happen with your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business if you stay focused. If you keep running around trying one thing one day and another thing another day.  You’re never going to build a good solid business.  But when you pick out one thing that you want to focus on and you really stick to it.  Even when it seems like it isn’t working. Mark my words it will happen, your business will explode!

Magic Beans Will Make Your Livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet Business Grow Like Crazy

So here’s a little trick for today to help keep your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business on track. Take 10 pennies or 10 dried beans (MAGIC Beans) 😉 or 10 poker chips and put them in your right pocket. The object is to talk to 10 people that day.  As you talk to one person you would take a penny that is in your right pocket and put it in your left pocket and you do this all day until the 10 pennies are all gone from your right pocket and into your left pocket.

This whole exercise is just to get you to practice starting a conversation and talking to people.  When you first start out you may say, today I am going to make eye contact and smile at 10 people  and that could be your goal. You may want to do that for a week until you feel comfortable making eye contact and smiling.

The next week you may want to start a conversation with 10 people a day.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about the weather.  Just start a conversation, and you’ve accomplished your goal for the second week.

Each week after that, you just want to add a little more and a little more to the goal you trying to accomplish.

The 10 dried beans (MAGIC Beans) 😉 is just an easy way to keep track of how many people you’re actually contacting throughout the day.

Once you get actually talking to people about your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business. You are now contacting over 300 new prospects a month. That was EASY wasn’t it?

Livethesource – The Symbiotic Diet : How is your posture?

October 21, 2010

When it comes to livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet you may be asking your self, what does posture have to do with livethesource or the symbiotic diet? Posture has every thing to do with both products and the company, here is why.

I was with a potential distributor the other day who had tried and failed at several network marketing business over the years. As she was considering getting involved with livethesource as a distributor I asked her this question. What do you think caused you to fail with those other companies? Her reply was, that even though the companies had good products she didn’t feel that there was a big enough difference between there product and a product they could get at a retail store for a lot less money.

NOTE: Those we not her exact words but when you listen carefully you can hear these types of things loud and clear.

She had no passion or belief about the products and services that she was trying to sell. As we continued on in our conversation (this should be 90% listening on your part) she started talking about a product she owned called, Vita-mix. She loves her Vita-mix and it showed. She doesn’t sell Vita-mix but if she did she could probably sell a ton of them. She has so much passion and loves the product so much that she has great posture when telling some one about this product.

That is the posture that each of us need to develop when we talk to others about The Symbiotic Diet or The vitamin D3 booster or the livethesource daily multi-vitamin. People will follow you if you have great belief in the products that you promote.

If you don’t have that kind of belief then you either need to develop the belief and posture or go to another company that has products you do believe in. Other wise you are just wasting your time and your sponsors time.

You can help develop your belief and posture by listening to others tell their story. Here are some good examples that I found.

The first one is a guy giving a review of The Symbiotic Diet on his web site here is the link

Here are a couple of random videos about Livethesource. Just go out to YouTube there are a lot of them out there that can help you with your belief.

Lots More Energy:

Breast Cancer Skeptic:

Livethesource – The Symbiotic Diet : Network Marketing Tips

October 12, 2010
Today we are going to spend a little time answering some questions about livethesource, The Symbiotic Diet and network marketing.


The secret to why some people get more prospects than they can handle is something YOU also possess inside of you. The only difference between you and the “naturals” is that you haven’t developed that skill yet.


The question for today is, “How do you recruit someone who immediately says ‘No.’? Well, my answer is don’t recruit them. Alright? No is no. Make sure that you are using the proper approach and the conversations are about their needs and wants and not yours. The approach of “this is my company and this is why livethesource so great” is NOT the approach that I recommend.


Really, if you think about it, they have heard that pitch from so many people already and they can see right through it. When you approach someone like this it basically says to them. PLEASE! get involved with my company because if you do good then I will make lots of money off your efforts.


Put yourself in their shoes …. isn’t that how you would feel?


Facts Tell but stories Sell and this hold true with livethesource and the symbiotic diet also. What gets people to join you when you have an in home meeting?
It’s not that the livethesource headquarters is located in a big shinny office building down in sunny Florida. The reason that people get involved is because they hear people giving their testimonies about livethesource and the symbiotic diet and if these people are feeling better and have more energy etc; They think to themselves “maybe it would work for me too”.


Everyone is always asking themselves WIIFM “Whats In It For Me”  Thats why you should be going out to YouTube and just type in the word livethesource and you will find all sorts of testimonials about how livethesource has improved these peoples lives.


Here are a couple of livethesource sample videos from customers but there are a bunch more out there on You -Tube… USE THEM!