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The Cancer Cure Alternative?

January 22, 2011

Is There a Cancer Cure Alternative That Works?

Will Doctors ever find a cure for cancer, probably not!  If that sounds skeptical and cynical I’m sorry. There was a time when I believed all of the propaganda but with the Internet getting bigger and bigger it is getting harder and harder to suppress the truth. However there is HOPE! This Blog Post will introduce you to a cancer cure alternative.

A Holistic Cancer Treatment

It is important to note that a holistic cancer treatment or any of the cancer cure alternatives discussed here do not claim to cure cancer but do claim to give your body what it needs so it can heal it’s self.

Cancer Means Big Business and Big Profits

First, let me say that I am a capitalist all the way. I believe in this country, love this country and would fight for this country. With that being said I also need to say that people can have huge business in a capitalist society that does tremendous good for everyone that it touches, like livethesource with its Nano technology multi vitamin. On the other hand unscrupulous people can have a huge business that is bad and they really don’t care about the people they hurt along the way as long as they can get filthy rich off the deal.

There Is No Incentive to Find Cancer Cure Alternative Solutions

Sorry to say, but Cancer is a multi-Billion dollar business and there is no incentive for big business to find a cancer cure alternative, a holistic cancer treatment or even a cancer alternative medicine. The Doctors, the treatment, the drugs and the list goes on and on. This is likely one of the largest business in the world but….. Did you ever ask yourself why we seem to have more disease than ever before? I’m not only talking about cancer here, but things like Diabetes, Arthritis and Heart Disease. I am not trying to influence you into what I believe about a Cancer Cure Alternative but I am just trying to give you enough information so that you can make an intelligent informed decision for yourself.

Watch this video about a cancer cure alternative that is backed by tons of proof. The problem is the solution is relatively inexpensive and the medical community can’t make any money from it.

What you are about to view is an award winning documentary…not a sales pitch for some product. Just watch with an open mind

Just click on this link

Livethesource – How to Recruit New Distributors

January 5, 2011

If you are a livethesource distributor and you are interested in building a large team of distributors and customers then you need to heed this important information.

You can make a fortune in the Network marketing business if you do this one thing. Take the spotlight off you and put it on your distributor or customer. In Network marketing most unsuccessful people do it backwards and think that they need to be the “big man on campus”.

In realty it is the person who is genuinely interested in others that succeeds the most in the Livethesource or The Symbiotic Diet  business.
When you talk to a new prospect or potential customer try to hold yourself back from showing all of the product knowledge and skill that you have. instead get to know your prospects needs and desires. It doesn’t matter what you want out of this business, it’s about what they want.

The way that you do that is to ask them questions, but if you are like many people, they say “I don’t know what to talk about or how to start a conversation”
I have a very simple formula that I will share with you in my next post. You will be able to start a conversation easily with just about anyone.

This formula will help you get more prospects for your Livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business than you ever thought possible.

Livethesource – Better Video On Blood Cells – Must See This One

December 29, 2010

I had to pass this along. This is a truley awesome video about livethesource and how it affects your red and white blood cells and you imune system.

The beginning of this video starts out like the other video that I bloged about in my last post but it is different.

It really get interesting at about the 4 minute mark. You won’t believe your eyes.
The three segments were redone useing only livethesource and no D3 booster.

Take a few minutes and watch this…you will be blown away.

No excuses now, not to be taking Livethesource!

Livethesource – The Proof Has Arrived

December 21, 2010

When you first started taking the livethesource nano encapsulated multi- vitamins you knew that you felt a difference, something was happening in your body but you didn’t know exactly what, and in many cases you felt that difference right right away. However some friends said that they felt a little different from the nano encapsulated vitamins but some friends said that they felt nothing at all. How can that be?

Did You Have Doubts About Livethesource ?

I always asked my self “how can I feel something and others feel nothing, Is this all in my head” and then the doubt would start creeping in “am I just having a placebo effect and is it really all in my mind”?

Livethesource has Scientific Proof Now!

After all we really had no scientific to prove what we felt was happening with livethesource multi-vitamins was true ….UNTIL NOW!

You Are Not Crazy!

It Was Not A Placebo Effect!

You Really Did Feel Better!

You Really Did Have More Energy!

You Really Did Sleep Better …. and so much more!

Livethesource really did do what it said it would do, and it was doing it in every single persons life that it touched. I don’t know why some people didn’t “FEEL” something, but wether they felt it or not, it was happening. Livethesource does not cure disease but it is giving each persons body what it needs to help it heal its self.

Livethesource did help everyone’s body in a Very Very efficient manor, through the modern day miracle of Nano-Technology.

Blood Samples of Livethesource Prove It!

In the following video you are going to see a man get a blood sample taken shortly after eating.

Listen carefully to the doctor on the video as she explains the different functions taking place in our blood.

Before taking livethesource you will note that the blood cells are all stuck together, and then take note of the white blood cells which represent our immune system.

Next watch what happend after the man takes an ounce of the livethesource nano encapsulated multi-vitamin. Then they wait about three minutes and take some more blood to look at under the microscope.

I don’t want to sway your opinion about livethesource either way but the blood viewed under the microscope doesn’t lie.

You be the judge!




No More Excuses….Get out there and start helping people to have better health with Livethesource.

Livethesource and Depression

December 15, 2010

There is so much always going on at livethesource headquarters, especially with the introduction of the Vitamin D-3 Booster and then with the recent hysteria around the unveiling of The Symbiotic Diet  sometimes we forget about the amazing results people have been seeing with the Daily livethesource multivitamin product.

Live The Source the company doesn’t claim to cure or prevent desiese or to be a natural cure for depression by taking livethesource.  Livethesource just gives the body what it needs to help heal it’s self.

In this video Shannon, who was dealing with depression after the loss of her baby tells her story and how livethesource helped her through this tragic time.

The Symbiotic Diet – Creating Your Food Journal

December 11, 2010

I did an article the other day called The Symbiotic Diet-write it down.  If you haven’t read that post, I would recommend that you take a few minutes and read it now before you read the rest of this article.

Here’s a small excerpt from that article. Keeping a food journal, a place where you can record every morsel of food that passes your lips, helps you focus on what you are eating day-to-day.  It is an excellent way to gain insight into when, what, and why you eat.  There’s no doubt in my mind that you will be totally surprised when you discover your eating patterns and how much you are putting into your mouth that you never even thought about.

Creating The Symbiotic Diet Food Journal

To start your Symbiotic Diet food journal, I recommend you buy a small notebook can be tucked in your pocket or purse and carried with you wherever you go, this way you can record would you eat immediately.  You may be tempted to keep your journal on your computer, but if you don’t record which you eat at the time you’d eat it, you risk, forgetting about it later when you do have the time to update your journal, I have done this many times, save yourself the aggravation and use a small notebook.  Many electronic organizers and even some phones today, however have features that allow you to store notes, making them another convenient way to take your journal with you wherever you go.

What should you record in The Symbiotic Diet journal?  Everything and anything related to what, when, and why you eat every time you eat, every day.  The value of the journal is lost if you only use it selectively.  In order to identify eating patterns, you need to record every single piece of food or beverage that you put into your mouth. I also record the time and duration of physical activity or exercise.  For example if I walk to the store instead of driving, then I would record it. If I got on the treadmill and did a mile, I would record it. If I was raking leaves on the lawn and for a couple of hours I would record it. However if I’m a housewife and I was going around picking up toys after the kids I would not recorded because this is part of my normal daily activity and your body really doesn’t recognize that as exercise, although it does burn calories.

To make The Symbiotic Diet journal a truly useful tool, you want records, not just of what you eat, but how much you eat as well.  Writing down three slices of pepperoni pizza with extra cheese or one slice of thin crust vegetable pizza is a lot more informative to you than just writing down one slice of pizza.

It’s also important to record when you eat.  Keeping track of this kind of information helps you to become aware of your eating patterns and recognize where your pitfalls are.  Do you tend to overheat when you’re bored at work in the afternoons?  Or maybe you Munch mindlessly while watching television at night.  You should know when you tend to overheat, then you can develop a plan to curb those bad habits.  And when you combine this with The Symbiotic Diet by livethesource.  You have all one two, knock out punch that will help you start losing fat and weight effectively.

Some other good articles about livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet

The Symbiotic Diet Business The Symbiotic Diet Overview

The Symbiotic Diet – The Price Is Outrageous

December 1, 2010

I have to admit when I first tried The Symbiotic Diet from Livethesource I was a little shocked at the price…OK I was more than a little shocked. The distributor cost of The Symbiotic Diet is about $150.00 and if you purchase The Symbiotic Diet at retail you are going to pay over $200.00 per month.

In my little mind I was saying who in their right mind would pay that kind of money every month for a diet product.

The answer is… LOTS of people! That’s the difference between most of us and people who are extremely wealthy most of us limit our thinking. The very wealthy don’t limit their thinking and think of reasons of why an idea could work, where most of us think of reasons why it won’t work.

I am really working hard to change the way that I think. I try to surround myself with successful people who think the way that I want to think.

So let get back to the price on The Symbiotic Diet. I started looking around and found lots of diets that are more expensive that The Symbiotic Diet and a government study showed that in 2004 Americans spent about $46 BILLION dollars on weight loss and diet programs.

The sad part is two thirds of the people who have lost the weight gained it back within a year and 97% had gained it all back within 5 years.

I came across this article from Forbes while doing research and there its one very well know diet that cost over $550.00 a month and the have no problem finding clients.

This is a pretty cool article and it will open your eyes up as it did mine. click this link The Symbiotic Diet Comparison

The Symbiotic Diet and Livethesource – The Hidden Truth

November 5, 2010

Before you get your hopes up thinking that I have dug up some major dirt on livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet I want to let you know, that is not the case at all.

The hidden truth that I am going to expose is not only with The Symbiotic Diet and Livethesource but with ALL Network marketing companies. It is not your fault that you are failing.

I am going to share a story with you about a guy I know called Mike and I want you to see if this seems like something that you may have gone though or that you are going through with The Symbiotic Diet Business from livethesource.

Here is Mikes story and this is all true:

I was 25 years old at the time and, after five years in the business, I could count the number of people I had sponsored on one hand

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t make money in Network marketing — even though I worked it day and night… and even though I did everything my upline told me to do.

I went to every meeting within 300 miles… made an average of 100 (yes one hundred) cold calls per day… and spent every penny I had on books, tapes and advertising that never paid for itself.

When I told my upline about this, they said it must be “me” doing something wrong. That the system was completely “duplicatable.” And I just needed to be more “positive”… set more goals… call more leads… and attend more meetings and training calls.

But those things only got me more of the same rejection and frustration. In fact, by this time I was dirt broke… had racked up thousands of dollars in debt… and was so financially in “the hole, I had to pawn my championship winning bike and furniture just to eat.

In truth, I had pretty much given up on Network Marketing.

Then one day, almost by accident, I discovered a secret way of prospecting on the Internet after reading an email from a direct marketing genius in Chicago.

An almost laughably simple technique that requires no cold calling… no going to meetings… no rejection… and absolutely no selling.

In fact, with this secret…

People Actually Paid Me To
Hear About My Opportunity And Products.

I almost couldn’t believe it.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars per month on advertising and beg people to let me show them the plan.

It was incredible.

I had discovered a 100% “rejection-free” way of prospecting that lets even the most “timid” and shy networker sponsor dozens of new distributors in just a few short weeks.

Without making one single cold-call.

Without having to hassle your friends, family and neighbors.

And without spending ANY money.

In fact, as I said, people actually pay you to prospect with this method.

Sounds almost crazy, doesn’t it?

Hey, I understand.  Sometimes I still have a hard time believing this is real.

And all I ask is you hold off from disbelieving long enough to see the evidence for yourself.  It will take just a few minutes, and will help you sponsor new distributors far faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

OK enough of Mikes story. My story was so similar to his I knew that he had been in my shoes before. Once I watched the 7 free videos my eyes were opened and my hope was restored. This was a turning point in my business and I would never have to embarrass myself looking for prospects again.

Check out these videos, there is no charge. They are FREE what do you have to lose?

We are all part of the livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet family and I would hope that if you had something like this that helped you in your business…. I would hope that you would share it with me and my team. Here is the link New Prospects Videos for livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet.

Livethesource – Why Do We Need Vitamins and Minerals?

November 5, 2010

I posted this article because as a result of my involvement with livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet I get many questions about vitamins and minerals. Nowadays vitamins are becoming an important aspect of our daily lives. We should normally get these important elements from our daily diet. However, you may ask, ” why do we need vitamins and minerals ?” It is simply because without these essential nutrients it’s just like we are merely eating just for the sake of filling in our stomach.

Some vitamins are stored within our body and some our bloodstream. There are two classifications of vitamins, the fat-soluble vitamins, and the water-soluble vitamins. We have to replace these vitamins daily by taking food supplements or multi vitamin tablets and that’s where a problem comes in, because your body at the cellular level will only absorb about 10% of the vitamins and minerals in tablet form. I have chosen livethesource nano encapsulation multi vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement because it has about a 90% absorption rate of those elements at the cellular level and you can actually feel the difference.

Even the average health researcher would ask the question, “Why do we need vitamins and minerals?” Read on find out the answers to your question. These are the reasons why both vitamins and minerals are very important to our body.


* Calcium is essential for healthy bones, nervous system, muscle and teeth.

* Chromium is important in increasing the effectiveness of insulin, which is essential in proper metabolism.

* Copper is essential for blood cell formation and works with vitamin C during healing.

* Iodine is for the regulation of the body’s metabolism.

* Iron is important in the production of blood.

* Magnesium acts as a medium in the utilization of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

* Manganese is for proper skeletal system development and production of sex hormones.

* Molybdenum acts as an important element in the transportation of iron from the liver. Also, it helps promote normal cell function.

* Potassium is important for a healthy nervous system, heart muscle, and kidneys.

* Selenium aids in keeping the arteries and tissues elastic.

* Zinc is an important element for proper healing of wounds.


* Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin and eyesight, most especially for focusing during nighttime. Vitamin A is one of the few antioxidant vitamins that are important in protecting our body from various disease and pollutants, which makes it a great vitamins for the immune system. Foods that are high in vitamin A are liver, vegetables, milk, and orange fruits.

* Vitamin B is considered a group of vitamins. Vitamins in this classification include vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. Their properties are similar in nature but they function in a different way. We need these vitamins for normal red blood cell formation. Food sources for vitamin B include milk, peas, beans, eggs, fish (or other seafoods), red meat, wheat, white meat, yogurt, vegetables and oats.

* Vitamin C is important in maintaining proper regeneration of cells and tissues. So every time you get a cut, vitamin C helps in healing the wound. Aside from that, it helps the body to fight off against any forms of infection and illness. We can get vitamin C from foods such as cantaloupe, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, sweet red peppers, cabbages, broccoli, and strawberries.

* Vitamin D helps in the development and maintenance of healthy bone structures. It is also needed in order for us to get strong and healthy teeth. Aside from that, it aids in our body’s ability to absorb calcium. We can get this vitamin from foods like egg yolk, cereal, liver, and milk.

* Vitamin E is one of the vitamins that give our body a lot of benefits. The main function of this vitamin is to maintain healthy cells and tissues for us to get healthy functioning eyes, skin, and liver. Also, it helps protect our lungs from external damages such as pollutants in the air. It also plays a major role in the formation of red blood cells. Foods that are rich in vitamin E are sardines, nuts, seeds, vegetables, egg yolks, wheat, and oats.

* Vitamin K works like a glue when there is a cut. It helps in the clotting of the blood. This clotting process is important so that the blood will solidify and to prevent bleeding. We can get vitamin K by eating foods such as vegetables, soybean oil, yogurt, milk, and broccoli.

So has your question ….. why do we need vitamins and minerals? been answered? We need proper vitamin information nowadays. Many people have been suffering a lot of illnesses because they lack specific vitamins and minerals in their diet. Unfortunately tablet type of vitamins will not get them what their bodies need because of the low absorption rate and that is why I take livethesource because of the 90% absorption rate.

Deficiency in vitamin and mineral consumption is one of the main reasons why we suffer from illness. Therefore, we must keep in mind that health is about eating the right kind of foods with the proper amount of vitamins and minerals and because most people don’t have that then I would recommend trying Livethesource.

Livethesource is the best thing that I have found but if you have found something better please let me know about it.

For more information about livethesource click this link nano encapsulation vitamins.

Livethesource, The Symbiotic Diet And The Magic Beans

October 28, 2010

Everyone that I talked to is always interested in the secrets of success in Livethesource and with The Symbiotic Diet. Well, I will tell you that the secrets to success are disguised as work.

However, there are some little tricks that you learn along the way to help you stay on track and keep focused in your livethesource and Symbiotic Diet business. Focusing is so important!

Have you ever taken a magnifying glass on a sunny day and shined it on a piece of paper?  As long as you keep moving that magnifying glass around and it’s not focused, nothing really happens. But as soon as you focus that magnifying glass so the sun’s rays are concentrated into one small area, the paper will burst into flames.

The same thing can happen with your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business if you stay focused. If you keep running around trying one thing one day and another thing another day.  You’re never going to build a good solid business.  But when you pick out one thing that you want to focus on and you really stick to it.  Even when it seems like it isn’t working. Mark my words it will happen, your business will explode!

Magic Beans Will Make Your Livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet Business Grow Like Crazy

So here’s a little trick for today to help keep your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business on track. Take 10 pennies or 10 dried beans (MAGIC Beans) 😉 or 10 poker chips and put them in your right pocket. The object is to talk to 10 people that day.  As you talk to one person you would take a penny that is in your right pocket and put it in your left pocket and you do this all day until the 10 pennies are all gone from your right pocket and into your left pocket.

This whole exercise is just to get you to practice starting a conversation and talking to people.  When you first start out you may say, today I am going to make eye contact and smile at 10 people  and that could be your goal. You may want to do that for a week until you feel comfortable making eye contact and smiling.

The next week you may want to start a conversation with 10 people a day.  It doesn’t matter if it’s about the weather.  Just start a conversation, and you’ve accomplished your goal for the second week.

Each week after that, you just want to add a little more and a little more to the goal you trying to accomplish.

The 10 dried beans (MAGIC Beans) 😉 is just an easy way to keep track of how many people you’re actually contacting throughout the day.

Once you get actually talking to people about your livethesource and The Symbiotic Diet business. You are now contacting over 300 new prospects a month. That was EASY wasn’t it?