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A Vitamin is a Vitamin – Not Livethesource

June 28, 2011
The other day I saw a post on Yahoo answers asking if anyone had tried livethesource nano encapsulated multi vitamins.

I know that there will be different opinions about the taste, price, color and even the shape of the bottle. That’s ok, but there is one thing that can’t be argued about and that is how well that livethesource vitamin and minerals work in the body. That can’t be argued because of the science behind livethesource. If you look at some of my other post you will see how livethesource multi-vitamins work in the blood under a Darkfield microscope.

However, when a supposed Doctor chimed in and said that a vitamin is a vitamin I got a little upset. It’s funny how in our culture we are trained to just accept the word of anyone who calls themselves a doctor. The average doctor receives less that 40 hours of nutrition during all the schooling they go through.

If you stop to think about it a doctor is trained to treat sickness and disease not to prevent it.

Why should we listen to doctors about nutrition ? Are there certain kinds of doctors that can give sound nutritional advice, doctors we can trust ? You tell me what you think in the comments below.


Livethesource vs McDonalds Dollar Menu

June 16, 2011

Why do people choose to eat junk food and fast food instead of eating healthy and taking vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements like livethesource liquid vitamins?

There are a couple of reasons. The first being MSG, MSG is an insidious food additive that actually gets you addicted to the food that it is added to and then as you crave more of these foods laced with MSG you eat more and then when you eat more you crave more. It is a viscous cycle that leads to destruction. I am not asking you to believe me, you have a brain, do a little research and see for yourself.

The second reason people choose to eat poorly instead of eating healthy is because of price. To find good organic produce for less money than you are going pay for a Big Mac, large fries and a coke isn’t going to happen. Combine the lower price with the MSG that makes you want the McDonald’s food more and the result is an obese nation with more severe aliments and disease than ever before in the history of our country.

Well I hope that this article got you thinking. With all of this junk going into your body you need livethesource more than ever before.

Here is a video called the death of the dollar menu and one about what livethesource nano vitamins does in your blood stream with in 3 minutes.


livethesource Makes You The Winner With Vitamin B 3 and Nano-encapsulation

June 9, 2011

 livethesource and Vitamin B3:  Vitamin B three comes in two forms: niacin and niacinamide. Our bodies can make niacinamide from tryptophan and amino acid found in animal foods, but this accounts for only a small fraction of our needs. We also convert niacin into niacinamide. Vitamin B three is a coenzime in several important biochemical functions, particularly those needed to maintain a healthy skin, gastronome tract, and nervous system.

Vitamin B three is also used by the body in the metabolism of lipid. Much of the current excitement around B3 surrounds the use of niacin in treating high levels of cholesterol. An overwhelming number of studies have shown that niacin is effective in reducing both cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

For example, one study compared the efficacy of niacin with that of clofibrate, a widely prescribed drug that lowers cholesterol. Niacin was much more effective than the drug in lowering serum cholesterol, the VLDL, and triglycerides. It also significantly increased HDL cholesterol.

The authors of this study and others have concluded that because of these facts, especially when combined with niacin’s low-cost and low toxicity, niacin should be considered the treatment of choice in many patients with elevated cholesterol levels.

Fortunately Livethesource and a large amount of vitamin B 3 or niacin and because it’s in the form of nano encapsulation the vitamin B 3 is absorbed into the bloodstream very rapidly. I believe that this is part of the reason we are seeing so many people who take Livethesource are finding that their cholesterol levels have dropped.

As we always say with Livethesource, it does not cure or prevent disease but it gives your body what it needs to help heal itself and I believe that is exactly what we’re seeing in people’s lives.

You can see how Livethesource works in the blood stream in this short one minute video below.